Originals Tubular Runner adidas added a new color design Seaweed Camo Red". The pale blue upper base, into the red algae camouflage pattern, presents a different kind of marine sense. Final gray and black leather stitching with a slight modification, equipped with white EVA in the end. Currently, the shoe can be purchased through the Politics Adidas and other Originals Sneaker designated retailers, priced at $110. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: PoliticsSneakerNike LeBron Soldier 11 release date: August 1, 2017 color: Midnight Navy/Metallic Gold-White number: 89764 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 4-402 price: $130 Nike LeBron Soldier 11 release date: August 1, 2017 color: University Red/Black-White-Total Crimson number: 897644-601 price: $130 Nike Kobe A.D. NXT & quot; Mambacurial& quot; release date: August 1, 2017 color: Navy/Igloo (Mambacurial) number: 882049-400 price: $200 Nike Air Max 97 OG release date: August 1, 2017 color: Black/White number: 921826-001 price: $160 Nike Air Max 97 OG release date: August 1, 2017 color: White/Wolf Grey number: 921826-101 price: $160 NikeLab Flyknit Trainer release date: August 3, 2017 (domestic) August 24th (North America) color: White/Black-White number: AH8396-100 price: $150 adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.1 Trainer & quot Energy; Blue& quot; release date: August 3, 2017 Color: Legend Ink/Energy Blue/Energy Blue number: BY2306 price: $130 Jordan Super.Fly 2017 release date Cheap air jordans for sale : August 3, 2017 Air Jordan 12 generation, although the status than the AJ11 generation, but it still occupies an important position in China's sneaker. it is the first pair of Air Jordan for sale in mainland China, and many people collect Air Jordan basketball shoes from Air Jordan 12. , it's the first pair of basketball shoes with Zoom full palm air cushion. Yes, Nike is still the flagship air cushion technology, including Air, AJ11, Sole, and air cushion. in Air Jordan 12 on the most famous story of flu and jazz battle, the battle of king mountain, Joe closer with fever diarrhea scored 38 points to win the battle of king mountain, after the game, Jordan fell on the leather arms became NBA putting the history of the classic lens. At the time of this pair of black Air Jordan 12 this year and was engraved, named "Flue Game& quot;. this year is A cheap jordans online ir Jordan 12, offering 20th anniversary, Jordan Brand also crazy, re engraved a large number of Air Jordan12 sneakers, there are already 14 pairs of listed, difficult, Jordan Brand to make a 20 pair? That's really possible, ! this year's first double moment AJ 12 was not the first year of color, make you surprised, but the PSNY and AJ12 joint using solid colored Nubuck as shoes, grainy, and do not have a charm. Air Jordan 12 GS,, Valentine&, #39, s, Day, which was released on Valentine's day in February, is the favorite of girls. At the end of February at the Air Jordan 12 "The Master" is also very popular, a listing will be sold out, The Master color with a black leather texture and gloss bring exquisite performances, fender is still presented in the lizard skin pattern, whether it is the details of the white dotted, or Golden Shoe buckle brings Retro jordans for sale dazzling flash, all in the low-key black shoes based on injection show the characteristics of the full highlights. This pair of listed at the beginning of the April Air Jordan 12 "Wings" has another name "scratch" upper position with the coin can scrape the golden wings, very interesting, but the global limit of 12000 double. same day on sale there are Air Jordan 12, "French Blue" color, this first sale in 04 years of color, after a lapse of 12 years after the re engraved. May Jordan Brand has released a Unive〉 Air Jordan 12 GS, the exclusive color of the girlsFrom Boston's apparel brand Johnny Cupcakes has always been strange interest in cute style design style, this fan issue associated joint G-SHOCK watches multiply. In GDX6900 series is based, seeking inspiration from Cupcake dessert, equipped with gamma blue, dotted color detail, dial Retro jordans for sale bright bright pink Johnny Cupcakes cooperation identity. Watch the whole filled with lovely sweet tone. It is reported that the brand has landed watches online store, priced at $ 140. & nbsp;Not hesitate to spend a thousand dollars to have a pair of Nike Air shoes, is the dream of many consumers, especially the teenagers, they cushion sports shoes can prevent sports injuries, jump higher, run faster advertising convinced. But one in shoes and health research Beijing Masayuki body mechanics of this study was that the person in charge of Zheng Qingsheng QiDianXie detrimental to human health. May 19, Zheng Qingsheng sued Nike consumer identity fraud pseudo-scientific propaganda. However, due to an increase in court Zheng Qingsheng claims forensics costs, Nike requested an extension of the reply, a concern not to smell the gunpowder and Commander court h cheap jordan shoes for men astily ended. Public lawsuit sue Air shoes, "injured" machine Zheng Qingsheng professes body mechanics research for nearly 10 years, in 2002 founded the Beijing Institute of ergonomic Masayuki present. "I was online QiDianXie explored whether it is hazardous to human health problems, as early as last February, I said to Nike China 'air-cushioned shoes when landing stability is poor, likely to cause ankle sprain' by fax, but the other did not give me a satisfactory answer. Thereafter many consumers to the Institute phone call asking, I would like simply to sue in their individual capacity, to make a fair judgment of the Court of this issue has been discussed in academic circles as a conclusion. "Zheng Qingsheng fight this Evidence lawsuit is that some academic journals cited industry statements and investigation reports. He said the air-cushioned shoes cheap jordans for sale detrimental in academia already concluded the lawsuit is public interest lawsuit, arguably contest academia and business advocacy perspective. Miss Yang Shuang assistant public relations manager to attend the case of Nike said the company Nike air cushion protection technology confidence of millions of players around the world are wearing Nike Air shoes, cushion shoes feature Nike's comfort is the most issues of concern, in collaboration with a number of experts for many years, rigorously tested. Nike spokesperson Liu Xiang, Pippen QiDianXie useless! "Will not really trapeze shoes with air cushion" Zheng Qingsheng said: "Not as Nike claimed, each pair of shoes has a magical air, especially in track and field stadium. Take special Liu Xiang fired flourishing pair of 'red magic shoes' is concerned, we will not see a trace of air. Moreover, in the interna cheap jordans for sale mens tional competition of the runway, people are unable to see air on the scene. "Zheng Qingsheng said that endorsement for the air-cushioned shoes NBA star Scottie Pippen, also publicly complained QiDianXie not conducive to start-up and cut, was wearing no shoes air race. Full stretch cushion can really make people think of the tremendous impetus, but a simple truth will be able to "trapeze" myth pierce. Zheng Qingsheng said air cushion itself does not produce energy, its mechanical properties only buffer, practice makes perfect, if someone does not believe, you can experience the look, wear shoes cushion running meters, high jump long jump also, can make people jump to see more High run faster? Nike also has a 70's internal contradictions century, Nike to "cushion" into shoes making, air-cushioned shoes began to become synonymous with high technology, kn Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping own footwear revolution, and the achievements of the world's largest sporting goods company, Nike made others a counterfeit product at small companies leapt to the world of shoes throne. American magazines are full-page advertisement appeared in Nike, many people have begun to think of Nike Air shoes can make athletes run faster jump higher, but also provide the best security protection. In fact, for air-cushioned shoes to create "night" function, and even their own businesses there has always been controversy. Nike family history, "Wang Nike shoes," a book revealed that in the development of the original Nike Air shoes, the internal dispute is quite intense. To put it bluntly development staff Frederick QiDianXie marathon can save energy 2.8%, then more than two hours away, they can save a few minutes of time, the company veteran Jeff? Johnson deep su cheap foamposites spicion. Scientific evidence is needed, several years later, Johnson is also working with Frederick debate, asking him to cite a famous marathon runner due to wear and improves the performance QiDianXie example, but could not give an example of Frederick Come. Nike founder Knight I had was a Middle Distance Runner, whose partner is a well-known coach, I do not know how this. "Protection of God" turned out to be the "culprit" for a period of six months of data collection and research, the Beijing Masayuki this study body mechanics confirmed the "air-cushioned shoes for foot security proved to be harmful." Zheng Qingsheng information provided to reporters show: in 2001 the famous "British Sports Medicine Special Issue" (BritishJournalofSportsMedicine) published a study physical therapy school LaTrobe University in Australia, scientists surveyed 3,421 men and 6,972 women were injured due to play basketball The situation was found to participate in 250 matches each athlete will occur once an ankle injury. While wearing shoes cushion chance of injury, is higher than wearing traditional shoes 4.3 times. This is about the safety of air-cushioned shoes initial results. Then, in 2002, the Department of Sports Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 335 children under 12 years old to 13 years old were investigated. Discovery wear (general) white sneakers on physical education students, foot development better. Vice-Chairman of the International Society of Sports Biomechanics professor Hong Youlian said that children's feet are still developing, Bodi wear shoes, feet in favor of full contact with the ground, so that the arch and foot muscles grow better. Visible authoritative experts on the attitude suspension technology, with Nike opposite. Dr. Jing first sports science department in charge of the investigation is blunt: wear platform shoes or sneakers air cushion will make children stunted foot. Zheng Qingsheng explained further comprising: air-cushioned shoes easily lead to "Wei feet", but also affect foot health as hallux valgus, interdigital neuroma, flatfoot psychosis, but also an indirect impact on the spine, easily lead to back pain and cervical spine disease. Zheng Qingsheng's argument has been Associate Professor of Sports Science Institute of the State Sports General Administration of competing body center Hao Weiya affirmed. Celebrity endorsements misled teenagers since QiDianXie indeed theoretically pose a potential threat to human health, why the basketball superstar is still the race wearing air cushion shoes? In fact, this is just smart business in the use of sports stars who star effect. Take NBA stars wear Nike Air shoes match, it is a endorsement deal. Jordan is only one person, you get hundreds of millions of dollars from Nike. There is an anecdote:? The early 1980s, has a "chocolate lightning," said the basketball star Darryl Dawkins, in order to obtain a more remuneration, simply a wearing Nike shoes, the other wearing Reebok shoes to play the game, the two companies do this fighting off a lawsuit. Zheng Qingsheng noted sports stars speak quite misleading people, especially young people like Starchaser, air-cushioned shoes in their eyes even became synonymous with professional security. Hong Kong basketball team ????? also admitted that he had to wear air-cushioned shoes sprained ankle experiences and advise those who like sports shoes, sneakers without deliberate pursuit cushion.